Toyota Motor Europe

Toyota operates 64 manufacturing companies across 28 countries globally, and markets vehicles in more than 160 countries, thanks to the support of a 340,000-strong workforce. Toyota began selling cars in Europe in 1963, has invested over €7 billion since 1990 and currently directly employs some 20,000 people here. The European operations are supported by a network of 30 National Marketing and Sales Companies in 53 countries, around 3,000 retailers, and nine manufacturing plants. Toyota Motor Europe (TME) ensures its cars match European customer’s demands. R&D undertakes body, powertrain, chassis and electronics design and evaluation. Within the Advanced Technology division, the Material Engineering Division (ME) is responsible for the development of novel materials and processes for Fuel Cells and batteries.

Research Team

Dr. K. Gkagkas responsible for the simulation activities in ME. His activity covers lubrication, exhaust gas catalyst, FC and hydrogen storage. He has significant experience with ab initio, Molecular Dynamics, CFD modelling and Machine Learning. He will contribute to research and training and host DC6.
Hannah Johnson is an Advanced Technology specialist working on solar fuel generation through several collaborations with Sun-to-X members and in-house research. She will contribute to research and training activity.