Doctoral Candidate #10

Project title: Design and testing of a lab scale electrolyser.

Project objectives: The objective is to design a CO2 lab scale electrolyser based on MEA. The electrode membrane will be selected and optimized to work with the growth techniques and the catalysts materials developed within the network.

Expected outcome: (i) Design and construction of a lab CO2RR scale reactor for electrochemical conversion of CO2 in added value products. (ii) Life Cycle Assessment analysis of the proposed system considering overall technical, economic, social and environmental aspects.

Working context: DC#10 will be hosted at APRIA (Spain) and will be enrolled in the PhD school of the University of Cantabria, supervised by Dr. Esther Santos and co-Supervised by Prof. A. Irabien. Part of the activity will be carried on during secondment periods at UM for a training on synthesis and characterization of Cu/M catalysts via electrodeposition, at ADVENT for a training on MEA assembly and at UCAN for a training LCA.

Starting date and contract duration: The contract will start no later than the 1st of November 2023 and will last 36 months.

For further information on this position please contact Dr. Esther Santos (email:

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