Born in Copenhagen, Denmark, in 1997. He studied for his BSc in Nanoscience at the University of Copenhagen (2017-2020) and his MSc of Engineering Physics at the Technical University of Denmark (2022-2023), where he joined the Ultrafast X-rays Group for his master thesis to study of the energy transfer from an excited photoswitch to a solvent and its corresponding X-ray scattering using molecular mechanics molecular dynamics simulations. During his master studies he also gained experience with other computational methods such as density functional theory simulations.

Identification of reaction mechanism and estimate of reaction rates.

Project objectives: The PhD project aims at providing accurate estimates of the rates of the various elementary steps on CO2RR on various promising Cu/M alloys as a function of applied voltage taking into account energy barriers due to transition states and the presence of electrolyte solution.

Working context: DC#5 will be hosted at the University of Iceland (Iceland) and will be enrolled in the PhD school of the same institution, supervised by Prof. H. Jonsson. Part of the activity will be carried on during secondment periods at TCD to be trained on machine learning, ENVIPARK to study catalysts electrochemical characterization and at APRIA to be trained in engineering simulations of CO2RR process design.

Expected outcome:

  • Identification of the most promising Cu/M alloys for CO2RR and insight into the way surface morphology and chemical composition affects efficiency and selectivity.